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Faculty and Staff Directory

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Faculty and Staff Listings  ( For contact areas see our Campus Directory)
Name (click to email) Extension Department Homepage
Abernathy, Jimmy 4250 Turfgrass Mgmt.  
Acree, Deborah 4398 The School of Academics, Education, and Fine Arts  
Adams, Crystal 4158 Dental Hygiene  
Alderman, Jason 4561 Vocational Shops and Labs  
Alderman, Leslie 4350 The School of Health and Public Services  
Alexander Center for Education (828) 632-8221    
Andrews, Cynthia  4197 School of Business Industry and Technology -- School Academics Education and Fine Arts  
Annas, Randy 4236 Facility Services  
Appalachian State University-Hickory Center (828) 327-7000 ext. 4424 Reception  
Archer, Jennifer 4220 Student Services  
Armstrong, Kris H 4563 School of Business Industry and Technology  
Audrey, Pennie 4721 Student Services  
Austin, Debbie 4572 Challenger High School  

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Faculty and Staff Listings
Name (click to email) Extension Department Homepage
Babb, Nena 4404 Learning Assistance Center  
Badgley, Paul 4331 EMS  
Baker, Scott 4266 Student Services  
Balconi, Rachelle 4415 Finance and Operations - Bookstore  
Barkley, Dedee 4304 Business Office  
Barnes, Ricky 4312 Information System Security/Networking  
Barnes-Holden, Carmen 4457 Library  
Baucom, Susan 4085 Student Records  
Beard, Benita 4336 Nursing  
Beatty, Barbara 4104 School of Business Industry and Technology  
Bechtol, Amy 4377 Talton Complex  
Begley, Brittanie 4035 Information Services  
Bergman, Brian 4720 Social Sciences  
Biggs, Teresa 4288 CVCC Foundation  
Bitsche, Cathy 4391 Respiratory Therapy  
Black, Carla 4306 Health and Public Services Innovation Center  
Blake, Killian Susan 4330 Business and Technology Training  
Blanchard, Susannah 4233 English  
Bookstore 4212 Student Services  
Boone, Michael 4537 Mathematics  
Bowman, Jodi 4043 Continuing Education  
Brandon, Carolyn 4244 Student Services  
Braun, Elizabeth 4007 English  
Brittain, Laura 4588 Manufacturing Solutions Center  
Brittain, Teresa 4289 Information Services  
Brooks, Thomas 4496 Technology Services  
Brooks-Livingston, Ethan 4458 Educational Technology  
Brotherton, Carla 4077 Facilities Management  
Brown, Ashley King 4223 Social Sciences  
Brown, Cindy 4262 Health Services - EMS  
Browning, Kim 4536 Science  
Buchanan, Cathy 4175 Business Office  
Buchanan, Krysten 4691 Developmental English and Reading  
Buff, Tammy S. 4819 Continuing Education-HRD  
Bumgarner, Kristen 4064 Student Services  
Bunch, Wes 4271 Business Office  
Bunton, Chase 4446 Printshop  
Burgin, Ann 4319 Continuing Education  
Burns, Carol 4230 Health and Public Services Innovation Center  
Bushnell, LeAnne 4861 The School of Academics, Education, and Fine Arts  
Butler, Carrie 4164 Dental Hygiene  
Byrd, Juli 4100 Human Resources  

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Faculty and Staff Listings
Name (click to email) Extension Department Homepage
Caldwell, Lanny 4663 Technology Services  
Caldwell, Robin 4299 Nursing  
Camilo, Gilberto 4425 Physics  
Campbell, Everette 4326 Maintenance  
Campbell, Karen 4824 Continuing Education  
Campbell, Lisa 4157 Health Services  
Campus Emergency 711 Safety and Security  
Canipe, Robert 4380 English  
Cardenas, Blanca 4090 Learning and Personal Enrichment Center  
Carson, Ronald 4571 Multicultural Affairs  
Carver, Donna 4623 Social Sciences  
Castillo, Shauna 4124 MSC  
Chafin, Deborah 4122 Health and Public Services  
Chang, Eun 4422 Mathematics  
Chester, Emilee 4278 Human Resources  
Childers, Sherry 4407 Student Services  
Chownyk, Ronald 4748 Engineering Technologies  
Christian, Connie 4071 HHEC  
Clanton, Daniel 4311 Educational Technology  
Clanton, David 4670 Turfgrass Mgmt.  
Clanton, Tanya 4335 Nursing  
Clark, James 4749 Engineering Technology  
Clark, Ted 4236 Maintenance  
Clippard, Karen 4270 Business Office  
Co-op 4295 Student Services  
Coates, Sheila 4215 Administrative Services  
Cobb, Jennifer 4020 Advertising and Graphic Design  
Collie, Alan 4607 English  
Combs, Ray 4001 Health and Public Services  
Connor, Daniel 4465 Technology Services  
Cook, Debby 4342 Health Information Technology  
Cornett, Robin 4074 Health and Public Services  
Coulter, Cindy 4143 Dean, School of Access, Development and Success  
Cox, Sharon (828) 632-8221 CVCC Alexander Center for Education  
Cranford, Aden 4575 Early Childhood Education  
Crouse, Amanda 4365 Information Services  
Crump, Kathy 4368 Business Programs/Economics  
Curry, Maria 4521 Manufacturing Solutions Center  
Cusick, Sandra 4367 Business Office  

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Faculty and Staff Listings
Name (click to email) Extension Department Homepage
Daniels, Judy 4113 Newton Center  
Davis, Donna 4319 Health and Human Services  
Deal ,Clyde 4573 Safety and Security and Health  
Deal, Ricky (828) 632-1331, ext. 1426 Furniture Production Technology  
DeBlois, Erryn 4435 Bookstore  
DeBoever, Ann 4455 Mathematics  
DeLee, Brenda 4673 Business Technologies  
Dougherty, Mary 4535 Science  
Duffey, Bill 4253 Library  

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Faculty and Staff Listings
Name (click to email) Extension Department Homepage
Earnhardt, Jason 4078 Humanities  
Elder, Jason 4083 Health Services  
Eller, Richard 4620 Social Sciences  
Eller, Ted 4006 Technology Services  
Elliott, Ken 4249 Technology Services  
England, Tisha 4014 CAD Building  
Ester, Terry 4626 Facility Services  
Eversole, Jennifer 4294 WorkForce Development  

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Faculty and Staff Listings
Name (click to email) Extension Department Homepage
Farnsworth, Charles 4326 Industrial Technologies  
Flowers, Judy 4340 Nursing  
Ford, Kimberly 4267 Healthcare Management Technology  
Fountain, Shawn 4463 Technology Services  
Fredell, Anna 4322 Business Office  
Fredell, Tina 4261 Student Records  
Frye, Chris 4399 Technology Services  
Fulbright, Cindy 4778 Workforce Development  
Fulbright, Rebecca 4118 Newton Center