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Foundation - Ways To Give

There are numerous way to donate to the CVCC Foundation.

The CVCC Foundation welcomes charitable gifts of time, treasure and talent. Briefly summarized below are numerous ways in which you may give. You are invited to discuss these opportunities with Teresa Biggs, executive director, at (828) 327-7000, ext. 4288, or


Naming Opportunities - An excellent way to honor or memorialize individuals or to honor organizations or corporations

Memorial and Honorary Gifts - A method of honoring or memorializing an individual while advancing the interests or concerns of the donor or the individual being honored or remembered

Charitable Pledges - Enables donors to spread their commitment over a longer payment period

Outright Gifts, Restricted or Unrestricted - Cash, through checks, check drafts or payroll deductions. Personal property, such as artwork, collectibles, artifacts, library collections, equipment, etc. Real property

Bargain Sale - Enables a donor to supplement retirement income by transferring semi-liquid assets at a reduced price for a lump sum or periodic payments from the Foundation

Contributed Services - Can include the use of space or facilities, or gifts of time or expertise

Charitable Bequests and Revocable Trusts - Restricted or unrestricted gift of any amount or form made via a donor's will enable the donor to transfer wealth.

Life Estate Agreement - Donors may give their personal residence or farm to the Foundation while retaining full use and rights to the property during their lifetime. It is not necessary to transfer ownership of the entire acreage.

Charitable Gift Annuity - Gifts of cash or marketable securities can enable the donor to receive guaranteed payments at rates that may exceed those of other investments.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust -Valuable assets may be sold through a unitrust to provide the donor or the donor's designee with income for life or up to 20 years.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust - Valuable assets may be sold through an annuity trust to provide the donor or the donor's designee with income for life or a term of years.

Charitable Lead Trust - This vehicle enables donors with large estates to reap tax benefits through the transfer of income and wealth.

Support Organization - Suitable for gifts of $1 million or more, a support organization makes it possible for a donor to benefit a charity while retaining significant influence over the support organization's assets and their use.

Life Insurance - Donors may choose to donate a life insurance policy to the Foundation or include the Foundation as one of the beneficiaries, revocably or irrevocably.

Endowed Scholarship Fund - Scholarships memorializing or honoring an individual may be established with an outright gift or a bequest.

Other Endowed Funds - Establishment of perpetually endowed funds for development, professorships, and chairs is a prestigious way to memorialize or honor an individual.


Acceptance of gifts is subject to approval by the Foundation board. Information contained herein is not intended as legal or tax advice. Upon request, donor gifts will be held in confidence.

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