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Jeanette Staley Math Tournament Winners

Middle and high school students from Catawba, Caldwell and Alexander counties participated in the 2013 Jeanette L. Staley Mathematics Tournament sponsored by Catawba Valley Community College.  

Middle schools competing included Concordia Christian Day School, Grandview Middle School, Hickory Day School, Maiden Middle School, Newton-Conover Middle School, Northview Middle School, Riverbend Middle School and West Alexander Middle School.

High schools competing included Alexander Central High School, Bunker Hill High School, Catawba Rosenwald, Challenger Early College High School, Hickory High School, Newton-Conover High School, South Caldwell High School and West Caldwell High School.

Results of the competition are as follows:

Pre-Algebra Individual Competition:
1st Place:    Jarrett Dobbins        Riverbend Middle School
2nd Place:   Josh Dietrich            West Alexander Middle School
3rd Place: Sophie Sauer           Grandview Middle School
4th Place     Charlie Moody         Maiden Middle School
5th Place     Olivia Belcher           Grandview Middle School

Pre-Algebra Team Winners:
1st Place:    Grandview Middle School Sophie Sauer, Kristina Stuckey, Olivia Belcher, Katie Daniels, Alex Pleasant
2nd Place:    Riverbend Middle School Jessica Travis, Jarrett Dobbins, Chase Kiger, Kyle Cansler, Tiffany Huffman

Algebra I Individual Competition:  
1st Place:    Tia Sparks             Hickory Day School
2nd Place:   James Griesen       Northview Middle School
3rd Place:    Jacob Holt             Newton-Conover Middle School
4th Place     Fahad Mohammed   Hickory Day School
5th Place     Trevor Hanson        Riverbend Middle School

Algebra I Team Winners:
1st Place:    Northview Middle School James Griesen, Tyler Cochrane, Maggie Howe, Ashley Bryant, Madie Moore
2nd Place:   Concordia Christian Day School Rebekah Drum, Shelby Graff, Trinity Morrow, Kasey Mull, Jarett Story

Geometry Individual Competition:  
1st Place:    Blair Hollar           South Caldwell High School
2nd Place:   Ben Teague          Alexander Central High School
3rd Place:    Stephen Allen       Hickory High School
4th Place     Hanna Starnes      Hickory High School
5th Place     Josh Harris           Newton-Conover High School

Geometry Team Winners:
1st Place:    Hickory High School
Hanna Starnes, Emmy Jeffries, Michael Vezmar, Grace Atchison, Stephen Allen
2nd Place:    Alexander Central High School
Shannon Moren, Seth Bowman, Ashlee Bowman, Mattie Brown, Ben Teague

Algebra II Individual Competition:  
1st Place:     Emily Sandifer         Alexander Central High School
2nd Place:    Mason Fisher           Alexander Central High School
3rd Place:     Barbara McAnulty     Hickory High School
4th Place     Madison Moore         Hickory High School
5th Place     Amy Bandy             Newton-Conover High School

Algebra II Team Winners:
1st Place:    Hickory High School
Jaden Light, Barbara McAnulty, Katelyn Mendenhall, Aylin Mendoza, Madison Moore
2nd Place:    Newton-Conover High School
Amy Bandy, Abby Cox, Daniel Drum, Austin Klutz, Samuel Oesterling

Advanced Math Individual Competition:  
1st Place:    Jeremy Robison       Hickory High School
2nd Place:   Perry Davis             Newton-Conover High School
3rd Place:    Pradeep Madduri      Hickory High School
4th Place     Reece Williams        Hickory High School
5th Place    Katie Johnson          Hickory High School

Advanced Math Team Winners:
1st Place:    Hickory High School
Jeremy Robison, Pradeep Madduri, Reece Williams, Katie Johnson, Pablo Picado
2nd Place:    Newton-Conover High School
Perry Davis, Andrew Thavychith, Taylor Thompson, Brad Thompson, Toupao Xiong

Middle School Math Relay Winner:
Riverbend Middle School:  Charles Southerland, Daniel Schronce, Selena Kongmany, Trevor Hanson

High School Math Relay Winner:
Newton-Conover High School:  Brad Thompson, Taylor Thompson, Samuel Oesterling, Amy Bandy

Pictured above are (from left) are Jeremy Robison, Advanced Math First Place, Hickory High School; Jarrett Dobbins, Pre-Algebra First Place, Riverbend Middle School; Blair Hollar, Geometry First Place, South Caldwell High School; Tia Sparks, Algebra I First Place, Hickory Day School; and Emily Sandifer,  Algebra II First Place, Alexander Central High School.


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