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CVCC Policies

7. Resource Development

“External funding” and “grants” are terms used to refer to funding for innovative educational programs and services of the institution from sources other than the usual county and state support. “Grants” include all potential funding from federal, state, local and private sources which can be used in support of programs resulting from any proposal, application, negotiation, agreement, collaboration or arrangement with other institutions, organizations, agencies, and groups which seek the college's cooperation and involvement. For purposes of this policy, “proposal” includes letters of interest, proposals, applications, response to a request for proposals, negotiations, agreements, and arrangements made with external entities for or in search of funding. For purposes of this policy, “faculty and staff” include any person, organization, business or entity employed, contracted by or otherwise working on behalf of CVCC.

Purpose and Responsibilities
The purpose of grant funding is to provide financial support for programs and services that will move the institution toward fulfilling its vision, mission, strategic plans, goals, and objectives. The Office of Resource Development is responsible for providing leadership and direction in searching for and securing external funds to support the college vision, mission, and strategic plans and serves as the liaison and point of contact between the college and the external funder/grantor. Faculty and staff are responsible for assisting in searching for funds and developing proposals for programs and services.

The purposes of the Office of Resource Development are: 1) to encourage and assist college personnel in developing creative ideas into viable fundable projects that are properly managed; 2) to assist in all contacts with potential funders; 3) to coordinate all grant proposals that intend to have the college as the applicant, fiscal agent or participant prior to application development and submission to potential funders; 4) to serve as a liaison with the Office of Business Affairs in development of proposal budget, and; 5) to maintain copies of all submissions for external funding and subsequent notifications of funding/decline of funding.

All proposed projects must relate directly to the CVCC vision, mission and strategic plans, and be consistent with all State and CVCC fiscal regulations, policies, and operating procedures. CVCC will not certify, approve, submit or accept responsibility for any proposals developed by faculty and staff for which all application policies, procedures and requirements have not been fulfilled. Information on the current procedures and requirements to apply for grants or other external funding should be obtained from the Office of Resource Development.

The President is the sole authorized person to sign proposals for the college. All proposals must be submitted for the President’s signature by the Office of Resource Development. Completed proposals from faculty and staff must be submitted to the Office of Resource Development no less than ten (10) working days prior to submission date.

The Office of Resource Development is the sole authorized organizational representative to submit proposals to all public and private funders.

Resource Management
The integrity of CVCC is involved in the management of all externally funded grant programs. This makes it important for projects to be carefully and properly managed according to the agreements reached with the external funder and internal offices.

A member of the faculty or staff will serve as project director for each funded project. Project directors shall also ensure that projects comply with all requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and with audit requirements.

Expenditures for grant funded projects are subject to all CVCC policies and procedures as well as those of the external funder. Grant expenses are not to be charged to other funds, including state funds, without prior approval of the Office of Business Affairs.

Supporting documentation for all expenditures should not be disposed of or destroyed without permission of the Office of Business Affairs. The length of time records should be kept is contingent upon satisfactory financial audit, as well as individual grant requirements. In some instances, supporting documentation may be forwarded to the Office of Business Affairs for retention.

Revisions to grants, including time extensions and budget modifications, must be approved in writing by the external funder. A copy of this documentation must be provided to the Office of Business Affairs and the Office of Resource Development to support deviations from the original funding agreement before any budget changes can be made.

Project directors are responsible for making regular programmatic and fiscal reports to the Office of Resource Development.

The Office of Resource Development shall prepare an annual report of external funds received by CVCC. The annual report will summarize the number, value and purpose of grants received. The annual report shall correspond to the CVCC fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) services which the institution has determined are within its goals, objectives and boundaries of its strategic plans.

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