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3. Student Services -Part 2

3.19 Student Due Process

Upon the student’s request, the Chief Student Services Officer or designee will assist the student with the steps required to follow the process, including providing the CVCC Student Grievance Form and the Student Grievance Committee Review Form.

» 3.19 Student Due Process Procedure
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3.20 Student Activities

CVCC encourages student co-curricular activities and student organizations that promote student growth, except for campus organizations commonly referred to as social fraternities and/or sororities. Organizations and activities shall be open to all students regardless of race, color, sex, religion, disability, or national origin. Procedures for organizing student activities and for establishing student organizations shall be established by the Chief Student Services Officer or designee. All students are encouraged to participate in the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA is intended to be a vehicle through which students have input into CVCC decisions and into the general welfare of students. The SGA President is a nonvoting member of the Board of Trustees.

On-campus fund-raising activities and other on-campus solicitation activities by students and/or student groups must be approved in accordance with guidelines established by the President’s Cabinet.

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3.21 Health Services

No formal health care program for students is provided. However, the Student Government Association shall include various health-related activities in its annual program planning. These may include presentations by college personnel or outside health care agencies on substance abuse, HIV, wellness, nutrition, or other vital health care topics. Any student, faculty, or staff health-related emergencies are referred to area health care agencies. CVCC has developed procedures designed to protect all employees and students in the workplace from exposure to blood borne pathogens. A copy of these procedures is on file in the Personnel Office.

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3.22 Job Placement Services

CVCC shall make job placement services available to students and alumni. CVCC also partners with other agencies in the local JobLink Career Center.

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3.23 Intercollegiate Athletics

CVCC is authorized to operate an intercollegiate athletic program (the Athletic Program). Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) is a member in good standing with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). All CVCC intercollegiate sports are registered as Division II sports with the NJCAA and shall abide by NJCAA Division II policies. All CVCC intercollegiate sports shall adhere to 


Financial support for the Athletic Program shall not be provided from state funds. Students participating in the Athletic Program (Student Athletes) are subject to the same policies and rules that apply to all students.


The CVCC Athletics Director shall ensure that the intercollegiate athletic program complies with the following policies regarding scholarships for participation in intercollegiate athletics.

All financial holdings and distributions of athletic scholarships shall be managed by the CVCC Business Office. Any assistance, regardless of the source, shall be officially recorded and disbursed by the CVCC Business Office.

Athletic scholarships shall only pay for tuition, college fees and course-related books and materials as required by the course. The amount awarded shall not exceed the cost of tuition, fees and class materials. State funds shall not be used for scholarships or any other aspects of the athletic program. Additional athletic funds may be used for room and board associated with temporary athletic events.

Athletic scholarships shall only be issued to students who are eligible to participate in their sport.
Athletic scholarships may be revoked when a student-athlete becomes ineligible, is removed from the team due to disciplinary reasons, graduates, or voluntarily withdraws from the sport. Athletic scholarships may not be revoked due to poor athletic performance.

Scholarships are renewed annually by July 31 each year. Athletic scholarships shall be renewed for the same amount or more. Should an athletic scholarship not be renewed by July 31 for the same amount or more, the student-athlete is released from all obligations to the CVCC team and may pursue other school participation without a transfer waiver form from the NJCAA.

Drug and Alcohol Education/Testing

CVCC shall provide an annual drug and alcohol awareness education program for all Student Athletes and for Athletic Program coaches and staff.

The CVCC Athletic Department reserves the right to test Student Athletes for drugs and/or alcohol use at random and at any time in accordance with procedures established by the Athletic Program.

Positive Drug Testing Sanctions

  1. First Positive Situation - Upon receiving a positive test, a student athlete may remain in the Athletic Program on athletic scholarship, but shall be suspended from competition for a designated period of time. The athlete will be required to attend counseling and rehabilitation with Catawba County Mental Health or other agency identified by CVCC. The athlete must also undergo additional drug screenings. Other disciplinary actions may be imposed as determined appropriate by the coach. Any athlete not willing to comply with disciplinary actions will be suspended from the Athletic Program.
  2. Second Positive Situation - If a second positive screening occurs, the athlete will be immediately suspended from the Athletic Program and will lose his/her athletic scholarship.

Any student athlete who refuses to participate in the drug and alcohol awareness education program, the random drug and alcohol use testing program, or the counseling/rehabilitation required after a "first positive situation" will not be permitted to participate in the Athletic Program. If a student athlete signs the drug-testing consent form and declines the drug test, he/she shall be considered to have a positive drug test.

Disciplinary action (sanctions) may also be imposed on Student Athletes for falsifying signatures of persons, attempting to manipulate urine specimens, failing to produce a sample in a reasonable amount of time, or failing to appear for a scheduled drug test.

Any student athlete who willfully admits to substance abuse is subject to disciplinary actions and review of athletic privileges.

Student Athletes have the right to appeal any decision of the coach or other grievance in accordance with the CVCC student due process policy.

» Intercollegiate Athletics Procedure

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