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The Valley Voice

Valley Voice Purpose
The “Valley Voice” is a plan for action with power.  Intended as a voice for staff, faculty and students  who have a unique perspective on issues of concern at CVCC, this program is the vehicle for constructive change. The “Valley Voice” provides accountable documentation to any reasonable idea conceived by those seeking to improve the operations of CVCC.  From the act of suggestion to implementation, this mechanism for suggestions creates an inclusive and traceable path to follow, allowing every good idea an opportunity to be fully considered to improve the core mission of education.

Submit your ideas through the link or web button below. Remember, your ideas will transform our future and improve CVCC operations. Please join us on our journey to create the foundation for "excellence" in the 'valley'.

Please login and use CVCC Blackboard to submit your idea.

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Recognition of Suggesters
Pursuit of continuous innovation and ongoing improvement is part of each individual’s core responsibilities as an employee, student, or stakeholder of the college. In order to provide additional motivation to faculty and staff members to share their ideas by participating in the “Valley Voice” an incentive program will be implemented to both recognize and reward those who are “Committed to Excellence” by thinking outside of the box.



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