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Mathematics Courses

Math courses offered at CVCC

The Math Department at CVCC offers a variety of courses for students depending on their career goals. Courses range in number from DMA 010 to MAT 285. Classes that begin with DMA, such as DMA 010, are considered developmental courses and do not count as credits earned toward graduation, nor do they count toward a student's GPA. Classes that begin with MAT, such as MAT 121 or MAT 273, are considered either technical or college transfer.

Developmental Courses

Developmental math courses are used to help students meet prerequisites for upper level math courses. The developmental math courses are as follows:

  • DMA 010 - Operations with Integers
  • DMA 020 - Fractions and Decimals
  • DMA 030 - Proportion, Ratio, Rates, and Percents
  • DMA 040 - Expressions, Linear Equations, and Inequalities
  • DMA 050 - Graphs and Equations and Lines
  • DMA 060 - Polynomials and Quadratics
  • DMA 065 - Algebra for Precalculus
  • MAT 001P - Math Skills Support

Technical Math Courses

Technical math courses are not considered transferable by most senior institutions; however, there are exceptions. If you plan to transfer, please check with your senior institution to see if these courses will meet their degree requirements. These technical courses are generally used to satisfy CVCC's terminal degree requirements. The technical math courses are as follows:

  • MAT 110 - Mathematical Measurement and Literacy
  • MAT 121 - Algebra and Trigonometry I
  • MAT 122 - Algebra and Trigonometry II

College Transfer Courses

College transfer courses have been approved for transfer to the University of North Carolina's member institutions. They are also accepted for transfer at many other senior institutions whether public or private, whether in-state or out-of-state. Please check with your senior institution to ensure proper transfer of courses. The college transfer courses are as follows:

  • MAT 143 - Quantitative Literacy
  • MAT 152 - Statistical Methods I
  • MAT 171 - Precalculus Algebra
  • MAT 172 - Precalculus Trigonometry
  • MAT 263 - Brief Calculus
  • MAT 271 - Calculus I
  • MAT 272 - Calculus II
  • MAT 273 - Calculus III
  • MAT 280 - Linear Algebra
  • MAT 285 - Differential Equations

Please see the catalog's course descriptions for more information about the classes listed.