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Summer Intersession FAQ

Learn more about CVCC Summer Intersession program by viewing our FAQ

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  1. What is Summer Intersession? Summer Intersession is a 4 week intensive online college class taught at CVCC during the month of June or July.
  2. When does it start? There are two sessions of Summer Intersession one is June and the other in July. Students may enroll in either or both Intersessions.
  3. May a student take a regular term (10 weeks) summer class AND a Summer Intersession class? YES, but keep in mind that the 4 week intensive class will be 4 times the work load of a regular 16 week semester class. Choose wisely.
  4. Will Summer Intersession classes be hard? YES! Think of a full semester of learning and assignments packed into 4 weeks all the reading, homework, papers and tests.
  5. Why would a student want to take a Summer Intersession class if it's that hard? Students have many reasons for registering for a 4 week intensive class. They may be short on time, they may have big summer vacation plans, they may be going to summer camp but need a summer class, they may want to lighten the Fall/Spring course loads, they may need to repeat a CVCC class with a poor grade, they may want to enjoy the reasonable cost of community college tuition, they may want to get a jump start on Fall courses, they may want to save money by living at home and attending school, they may need summer courses to graduate in 4 years, or they may be unemployed this summer and might as well earn college credits!
  6. Can I take more than one Summer Intersession class? Maybe… if students are very disciplined and have nothing else to do during the summer break but devote time to summer studies. The most diligent and studious student of all may elect to take 2 Summer Intersession classes in the first session and 2 classes in the second for 12 credit hours total in summer school. Does CVCC recommend this? No, but students (and parents) can be highly motivated when time/money/graduation are on the line.
  7. How are the Summer Intersession classes taught? All Summer Intersession classes are taught online and require a laptop/desktop computer with dependable internet access. Smartphones may not be used for online classes. CVCC will create your online services account following your request for classes.  It takes about 5 business days to create your online accounts…that's why there is an Application deadline. Online classes are taught in BlackBoard. Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser; do not use Internet Explorer.
  8. How much will a Summer Intersession class cost? Tuition is due at time of registration by cash, check, bank debit card, credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express), or tuition payment plan. Tuition is set by the state of North Carolina and all community colleges charge the same tuition.
  9. Will a Summer Intersession class transfer to my other school? Courses with a grade of "C" or better may transfer to a student's college of origin, but it is always good practice to let your advisor or registrar guide you on what to take at another school.
  10. Do students need a computer to take an online class? YES… either a laptop or a desktop computer with Mozilla Firefox as the preferred browser; do not use Internet Explorer or smart phones.
  11. What if students begin a Summer Intersession class and see it's too much work. Can a student drop the class? Students may officially drop a class in the Advising Center, but students may/may not receive a tuition refund as CVCC follows the NC State Refund Policy. That's why we ask students to think carefully before registering for a Summer Intersession class… it's a lot of work. We're telling you that upfront.
  12. What happens when students finish the class? Students should plan to request official CVCC transcript to be sent to that student's current school. Official transcripts have a $5.00 fee. Only grades of “C” or better will transfer.
  13. Where will students go for help if they need help? The first thing students should do is email the faculty from the student's secure CVCC email account. Describe the situation and ask for guidance. Faculty may direct students to online tutorials and other helpdesk resources. Faculty who teach in Summer Intersession classes have the same expectations from students and the course learning outcomes are the same as 16 or 10 week courses. Students MUST keep up with assignments and work every day because the faculty has made an intensive commitment to the students in Summer Intersession classes.
  14. What happens if students have technical difficulties with Blackboard? CVCC offers a helpdesk and a helpline for Blackboard assistance. Calling (828) 327-7000, ext. 4444 allows students to speak with a staff member during business hours.  Calling 1-866-832-9253 offers help during nights and weekends.