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Entrepreneurship Overview

Entrepreneurship Degree and Certificate Program of Catawba Valley Community College

Our Entrepreneurship curriculum provides a comprehensive program, which supports all of our students.

We offer an "Entrepreneurship Associates Degree" for the individual who wants an extensive knowledge of Entrepreneurship and the inter-related aspects of becoming a successful business person. We will develop our student's ability to make informed decisions as a future business owner. The course offerings will focus on the entrepreneurial aspects of Business Planning, Innovation & Creativity, Business Funding and Marketing. There will also be Real-Life Case Studies, which will enable the student to apply the skills learned in related courses. In addition to the specific Entrepreneurship courses, there will other business and computer courses offered to provide a comprehensive education. Minimum time for completion: Four semesters, full time attendance. The Associates Applied Science Degree is awarded to graduates of the curriculum.

We also offer an "Entrepreneurship Certificate" to complementany technical/vocational degree offered at Catawba Valley Community College. Our Certificate will also be attractive to any new or existing small business owner, who wants to obtain an entrepreneurship education, which he/she can apply to their business. Our Certificate Program enables the entrepreneur to operate their business and obtain vital skills to make it successful on their own timetable.

Courses needed to meet graduation requirements are offered online with some courses offered during the day.



Jeff Neuville, Program Director
Ext. 4102