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CVCC's Electroneurodiagnostic Technology program is the scientific field devoted to the recording and study of electrical activity of the brain and nervous system. Used for medical evaluation and research, it includes procedures that assess the function of the nervous system.

BrainGeneral Information

Electroneurodiagnostics is one of the newer and most rapidly growing specialties in the medical field. It is devoted to the recording and study of the electrical activity of the brain and nervous system. END technologists record electrical activity arising primarily from the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves or somato-sensory systems using a variety of techniques and instruments.

Class Schedule/Length for the END Program

END classes are held during the day. Students are expected to participate in classroom, laboratory and clinical (hospital) experience. (Students may be required to travel to out-of-town clinical sites.) The END program consists of four semesters which takes two years to complete. Graduates of the program will be eligible to apply to take the registration examination sponsored by the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologist (ABRET).

Please note: Clinical facilities may require students to undergo criminal background checks and/or drug testing. Clinical facilities may refuse access to clinical experiences based on the results of criminal background checks and/or drug testing, which would result in the student being unable to continue in the END program.

Employment Opportunities

END technologists can work in hospitals, physician’s offices, clinics, research facilities and specialized epilepsy and sleep centers. Employment opportunities are available in this county and throughout the nation. Estimated salaries range from $35,000 - $47,800.


Electroneurdiagnostic has a 100% job placement for 2016 graduates

» Suggested Program Sequences (PDF)

» 2016 END Yearly Outcomes (PDF)

Important Admissions Information

» 2018 Electroneurodiagnostic Technology Admission Information (PDF)

» 2018 Electroneurodiagnostic MARs Student Checklist (PDF)

» Electroneurodiagnostic Degree Completion Option 

» Electroneurodiagnostic Degree Completion Admission Packet (PDF) (updated 6/23/15)

» Electroneurodiagnostic Degree Completion MARs Student Checklist (PDF)(updated 6/23/15)

Sarah Hoffman Shelton REEGT/ RPSG
Electroneurodianostics, Director
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4517



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