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Dental Hygiene
Patient Rights

As a patient at CVCC's Dental Hygiene Clinic:

•  You have the right to confidentiality with regards to personal information, medical information, dental information and dental services needed.

•  You have the right to considerate and respectful treatment.

•  You have the right to a thorough assessment of your dental hygiene and needs.

•  You have the right to a clear explanation of your dental hygiene needs, treatment options, cost, treatment outcomes, and time commitment required to meet these needs.

•  All treatment offered will be within the scope of a dental hygiene teaching clinic .

•  You will be advised of dental treatment needs beyond what is available at our facility.

•  Referrals will be made to the appropriate health care professionals if additional treatment is needed.

•  You have the right to decline any treatment offered; however, you will be advised of the risk involved in declining treatment.

•  You have the right to receive treatment that meets the standards of care of the dental hygiene profession.

•  You have the right to receive treatment on a reasonable schedule based on the student's skill level and the clinic's schedule .

•  You have the right to have copies of your dental radiographs and dental records sent to your personal dentist.

•  You have the right to receive education on oral health care that meets your needs and will help you maintain your oral health.


•  You must provide accurate and complete information regarding your health history including changes in your health history over the course of treatment.

•  You must make arrangements to stay for the entire length of the appointment . Appointments are usually 2 ½ hours long, unless the student has made arrangements with you for a shorter appointment.

•  Because this is a teaching clinic, it takes time for students to perfect their skills and for instructors to check and grade their performance.

•  Treatment will require a much longer period of time and more appointments than it would in a regular dental office.

•  You must keep your scheduled appointments and be on time . The student is depending on you to meet requirements needed to pass the course. IF YOU FAIL TO SHOW UP FOR AN APPOINTMENT OR COME IN LATE YOU ARE JEOPARDIZING THE STUDENT'S LEARNING EXPERIENCE AND GRADE.

•  You must inform the student in a timely fashion if you are unable to keep an appointment. Barring emergencies, appointment cancellations should be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment . Call (828) 327-7000 ext. 4162 for cancellations.

•  You must pay the required fees for treatment as soon as a treatment plan is presented to you.

•  The student will explain the fees based on the clinic's fee schedule.

•  A receipt for payment will be provided to you for tax and/or insurance purposes.

•  You are responsible for filing any insurance papers with your insurer.

•  You must be an active participant in maintaining and improving your oral health by following the student's instructions for home care. You and the student are partners with equal responsibility in achieving this goal.

•  If you are the parent or guardian of a minor (under 18 years of age):

•  You must be present to complete the medical and dental history and to give written consent for treatment.

•  For children under 12:

•  It is required that the parent or guardian stay in the waiting room until treatment is completed for the day.

•  The parent may be present in the clinic area as the child is given oral care instructions specific to the child.

•  For children over 12, if you have to leave the waiting room area to run errands or other activities, please leave a telephone number where you can be reached.

•  If you cannot accompany your child to the clinic, you MUST fill out the CVCC Dental Hygiene Permission Slip to allow a third party to be responsible for your child and give permission for treatment. The form is available from the clinic's receptionist.


•  ALL CELL PHONES AND BEEPERS MUST BE TURNED OFF BEFORE ENTERING THE CLINICAL AREA. In case of an emergency, patients may be reached by calling the clinic telephone (828) 327-7000 ext. 4164.

•  Only the patient is allowed in the clinic treatment area. The only exception will be parents being presented with treatment options before signing consent to treatment and parents being given oral health care instructions for their children.

•  Children are not allowed in the clinic area when their parent or guardian is the patient.

Do not bring infants or small children to the clinic and leave them in the reception area by themselves. Any child in the reception area must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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