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Dental Hygiene
Essential Program Requirements

The following examples are types of activities which a student in the Dental Hygiene program will be required to perform in order to successfully complete the program.

Occupational Exposure The Dental hygiene student may be exposed to communicable diseases, body fluids, toxic substances, latex, and medicinal preparations. Students shall use appropriate precautions at all times. Provide care, using standard precautions, for a client/patient with a communicable disease.
Communication Written, verbal, & auditory communication skills to permit effective interaction with others. Communicate with staff members, patients, and other students while wearing high filtration face masks. Ascertain medical/dental history information. Monitor patient needs during treatment. Provide individualized home care instructions.
Visual Visual acuity sufficient to read medical information and assess dental conditions and treatment. Annotate chart entries on paper and/or computerized dental records. Assess intra oral conditions. Interpret dental radiographs.
Mobility Sufficient mobility to maneuver in small areas. Access patient within confines of dental operatory and radiographic room, which involves a variety of sitting & standing positions, including bending, twisting, and reaching. Access darkroom for development of radiographs.
Motor Skills Fine and gross motor skills sufficient to perform complex psychomotor tasks. Explore and scale teeth with small diameter instruments. Manipulate power-driven instruments. Place intra oral dental radiographs.
Cognitive/Critical Thinking Cognitive ability sufficient to recognize deviations from normal, co-diagnose, and plan treatment. Respond quickly & appropriately to medical emergencies. Utilize assessment information to identify pathology, individualize treatment, and suggest referral when necessary.

Please note: Examples are not all inclusive.

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