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Dental Hygiene
Estimated Cost and Financial Aid

College tuition is set by the North Carolina State Legislature and is subject to change. Dental Hygiene students are required to purchase a variety of books, instruments, clinic uniforms, malpractice insurance, accident insurance, and other fees as set by the college.

Estimated Cost and Financial Aid
General Fees Estimated Cost


(Based on usage – face shields, disposable barrier jackets, etc.)

Malpractice Insurance

$27.50 per year – payable each Fall Semester

Student Hygiene Assoc. Dues

$80.00 per year

Instruments $2000.00
(The majority of instruments will be purchased during 1st semester.)
Dentoform $150.00
Required Uniforms Estimated Cost
Scrubs Top (3 )   $300.00 total
Scrubs Pants (3)   
White Leather Shoes  
Other Costs  Estimated Cost
Hepatitis Vaccine   up to $300.00
Physical Exam    $170.00
Pinning Ceremony/Class Dues     To Be Determined (Based on student planning and fund raising)
Licensure Costs Estimated Cost
National Board Exam $360.00 (Cost subject to change)
NC Jurisprudence and Infection Control Examinations* $150.00
State Board Exam* (CITA)
$1,400.00** (Cost subject to change)
*Requires successful completion of the Dental Hygiene Program.

**Plus travel & other patient expenses.

NC License Fee

Please Note: These cost estimates are in addition to the costs that any student attending CVCC will incur each semester, such as tuition, activity fees, accident insurance, books and class supplies such as pens, paper, etc.. Students applying for graduation will also pay graduation fees. Estimates for these costs may be found in the CVCC general catalog.

Financial Aid: All applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid. To determine eligibility an applicant must complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)." This application is available in Student Services. For information on financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at (828) 327 - 7000 extension 4214 or 4220.

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