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SURGIcal Technology
General Information

Surgical technologists helping the surgeonWhat is a surgical technologist? Surgical technologists work in the operating room helping to provide a safe, sterile environment and adding to the efficiency of the operating room team. Surgical technologists prepare surgical instruments and materials using sterile technique. Surgical technologists help surgeons during the surgical procedure with instruments and supplies.

What employment opportunities are available? Surgical technologists can work in hospitals, surgical units, day surgery units, labor and delivery, or physicians’ offices. Salaries range from $24,000 to $33,000.

What is the class schedule/length for the Surgical Technology program? Surgical Technology classes are held during the day. Students will begin their studies in the classroom and the laboratory. Students will complete their studies in the hospital operating room.* The program consists of three semesters which takes one year to complete. Graduates of the Surgical Technology program are required to take the Liaison Council’s Certification Examination for Surgical Technologists at the completion of the program. Applicants who wish to do so may take the general education/related coursework for the program prior to acceptance. Please note that taking these courses does not shorten your program length as the actual Surgical Technology courses take one year (three semesters) to complete; however, many applicants find this process beneficial. * Please note: Clinical facilities require students to undergo criminal background checks (national & local) and drug testing; the student will be required to pay the fees for these. Clinical facilities may refuse access to clinical experiences based on the criminal background checks and/or drug testing, which would result in the student being unable to continue in the Surgical Technology program. 

Costs: College tuition is set by the North Carolina State Legislature and is subject to change. The approximate cost is $5,000. (This figure is based on in-state tuition rates and is an approximate cost only.) Please see the 2015 Estimated Fees (PDF) sheet for additional cost information.

Financial Aid: All applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid. To determine eligibility, an applicant must first complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This application is available online or in Student Services. For information on Financial Aid and scholarships, contact the CVCC Financial Aid Office.

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