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Surgical Technology

CVCC Surgical Technology studentsSurgical Technology is a specialty within the Health Sciences Division. The curriculum prepares an individual to assist in the care of the surgical patient in the operating room and to function as a member of the surgical team.

Students will apply theoretical knowledge to the care of patients undergoing surgery and develop skills necessary to participate in surgical procedures, prepare supplies, equipment, and instruments; maintain aseptic technique; assist with patient preparation for surgery; and assist surgeons during operations.

Students are expected to participate in classroom, lab, and clinical (hospital) experience. The entire program consists of three continuous semesters. Students start in August and graduate the following August.

It is highly recommended to complete as many of the required general education classes prior to admission into the program.

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Admission Criteria
The program begins in the Fall Semester. Admission is based on the completion of all minimum requirements as listed on the page labeled “Minimum Admission Requirements (MARs)”. All minimum requirements must be completed with all corresponding papers on file by March 31st of the year the student wishes to compete for admissions. 

The number of admissions is based on 20 seats in the program. The selection process is competitive.

For more information regarding completing a complete admission file, 
please refer to the MARs in the 2015 Surgical Technology Admission Packet (listed under Important Admissions Information). The application process must be completed by March 31st of the expected year for admission to the program.

» Technical Standards (PDF)

» Curriculum Requirements (PDF)

Clinical Sites
Hospital clinical sites require background and blood screens.

The operating room environment is a high risk for exposure to blood borne pathogens resulting in exposure to communicable diseases.

» Suggested Program Sequence (PDF)

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