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Program Costs
The letter of sponsorship allows CVCC to waive tuition for this program. However, students are personally responsible for other program expenses. These include textbooks, student fees, and uniforms for both physical fitness and the classroom. Total expenses usually range from $1,000 to $1,200.

Most textbooks are purchased from the North Carolina Justice Academy. Further information regarding textbook purchasing procedures will be provided in the letter of acceptance to the program.

Students will order most components of their uniforms on registration night. Cost of uniforms for physical fitness training will vary according to anticipated weather conditions during the time physical fitness training is scheduled. Students will also be required to purchase a pair of good quality running shoes.

Uniform shirts will be ordered at registration, and students will further be required to purchase BDU pants and uniform boots. Information regarding these additional purchases will be provided at registration.

CVCC will provide the following for student use during the program: law enforcement gear such as duty belt, handgun and shotgun for use during firearms, and police vehicle for use during defensive driving training.

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