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Program Requirements

The North Carolina Criminal Justice Training Standards Division, which accredits BLET programs across the state, requires that students attend the first night of class and at least 95% of the remaining scheduled class hours. Successful completion of this program grants the student 19 semester hours of college credit, which may be applied to a two-year degree. Students can receive college credit for CJC 131 Criminal Law and CJC 221 Investigative Principles in CVCC's Criminal Justice Technology Program.

Successful completion of the Police Officer Physical Abilities Test obstacle course is required for the student to successfully complete the course. This obstacle course is a timed event, and involves the following components:

  • Running up to 1 1/2 miles
  • Completing 40 sit-ups
  • Completing 40 military-style push-ups
  • Running up and down stairs
  • Dragging a 150-pound person 50 feet
  • Opening a door attached to 50 pounds of weight resistance
  • Crawling through a 40-foot culvert

Due to time limitations within the program, students will not have sufficient time to significantly improve their physical fitness levels. As a result, applicants must enter the program already possessing a physical endurance level that will allow them to complete the above tasks in succession within the acceptable time limit imposed by the Criminal Justice Training Standards Commission. Applicants should discuss their fitness levels with their physicians during the required physical examination.

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