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Continuing Education books cannot be purchased on our site at this time. We recommend students wait at least one week before class begins before purchasing their books. A list of class offerings can be found on the Learning and Personal Enrichment page.

Textbook information is subject to change as we receive updates from faculty and publishers.

The Campus Store is not liable for purchases made by you from other sources using the information provided by this site.

  • Refunds for Continuing Education books are five (5) days from the date of purchase. Some books are not returnable and will be marked.
  • General merchandise is not returnable.

The Campus Store also carries a selection of books (PDF) for the Basic Skills Program (BSP), GED, English as a Second Language (ESL) program, and Notary Public books.

Continuing Education book list for Summer 2016 (PDF) classes.

ISBN, title, author, edition and price can be found by following the book list link above. We do not provide the ISBN numbers over the telephone, you are welcome to come into the store and get this information.

Special Orders

Special orders can be placed through the Campus Store on items we do not normally carry. The student will need to provide as much information as possible (Title, Author, Edition, ISBN# and any other info). There is a $5.00 cash deposit on all special orders. Deposit will be returned at time of purchase, or applied to the purchase. Deposits will be kept if the special order is canceled or if purchase is not made. Special orders are not returnable!

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