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Books for each semester are usually available 2 to 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Textbook information is subject to change as we receive updates from faculty and publishers. The Campus Store is not liable for purchases made by you from other sources using the information provided by this site.

Students should bring a copy of their schedule and photo/student ID anytime they wish to make purchases at the CVCC Campus Store.

ISBN, title, author, edition and price can be found by following the 'purchase books online' link below. We do not provide ISBN numbers over the telephone, you are welcome to come into the store for this information.

» Purchase Books Online (Please check back - online ordering is under construction)

Click on the yellow box in center of page, START HERE, this will take you to the course selection page. From there follow the steps below.

  1. Select Textbooks and Course Materials
  2. Select your term, ex: 2015SP
  3. Select your course and section. ex: ACC 120 801
    (follow this step for each course)
  4. Choose if you want to add selection to cart or select another course
  5. Follow step-by-step instructions to complete your order
  6. You will need to register a new account if you are a first time user. Using your CVCC email as a login will be helpful to you when trying to remember each semester.
  • All online orders take 3 days to process
  • Students can request used books when available!

We do not provide used prices, however, we give you the option to request the substitution of new with used. We try to provide as many used books as possible and will make every effort to honor your preference of new or used. We will fill your order with current stock if your preference is not available. The total price of your initial order is subject to change due to textbook availability. 

Online payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Registered student's schedules can be found by going to the "My Services" link on the MyCVCC web-page.

Questions? Contact the Campus Store: 828-327-7000 ext. 4212 or

Special Orders
Special orders can be placed through the Campus store on items we do not normally carry. The student will need to provide as much information as possible (title, author, ISBN, edition, and any other information). There is a $5.00 cash deposit on all special orders. Deposit will be returned at time of purchase, or applied to the purchase. Deposit will not be returned if the special order is canceled or purchase is not made. Special orders are not returnable!



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