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Getting a Peer Tutor
Curriculum students may receive help from a peer tutor in any subject they are retaking or in which their grade average is 80 or below. If your grade average is 80 or below or if you are retaking a class, and you would like to receive tutoring help from a peer tutor, stop by the LAC and fill out a Tutee Information Sheet. This is a FREE service.

Any student taking a "DMA" math class will be automatically approved for a tutor.  Just drop by the front desk in the LAC and fill out a "Tutee Information Sheet."  You will then be given a list of DMA math tutors and their contact information.  Call anyone on this list to find a tutor.

You may also click on the link below, “Tutee Information Sheet," and print a copy of this form. Fill the form out completely listing all possible times you are available for tutoring. Turn the completed form into the Tutor Coordinator (Becky Franklin) in the Learning Assistance Center, or email it to Cindy Ly at

After the LAC receives your completed Tutee Information Sheet, an email will be sent to your instructor for his/her approval. Once the LAC receives a reply from your instructor, you will receive an email letting you know whether you were approved for a tutor by your instructor. If approved, a list of possible tutors and their contact information will be attached to the email. Call anyone on the list to try and find a tutor. If you should need help in finding a tutor, stop by the LAC. Cindy Ly will be glad to assist.

After a tutor has been established, your tutor and you will decide how many days a week to meet and at what times. In determining the number of weekly tutoring hours, you will need to consider how much time you have to devote to being tutored and how much help you will need in order to be successful in this class.

When deciding where to be tutored, you may use our new Peer Tutoring Center (CAD #161) which is located in the Learning Assistance Center. You may also use any of the study carrels in the Learning Assistance Center. Tutoring may only take place on CVCC campus or a public library.  If the tutor or tutee is under the age of "18", all tutoring must take place in the Learning Assistance Center (located on the 1st floor of the CAD building).

» Tutee Information Sheet (pdf)

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