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Non-Eligible Programs

Programs Not Eligible for Financial Aid at CVCC

In order to be eligible for financial aid, students must be enrolled in an eligible program of study. All Associate Degree programs and most diploma and certificate programs are approved for federal financial aid. However, the following diploma and certificate programs of study are not eligible for federal student aid:

Note: Students are notified by the Office of Student Financial Services if their program of study is not approved for financial aid.


Certification Number Certification Name
C2510001 Accounting -- General
C2510003 Accounting -- Computerized
C2510004 Accounting -- Taxation
C35100 Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration

Automotive Systems Technology - Under Car Services Concentration

C2512001 Business Administration - General
C2512002 Business Administration - Advanced Certificate #1
C2512005 Business Administration - Marketing
C40160 Computer Engineering Technology
C25260 Computer Information Technology
C2526001  Computer Information Technology - Database
C50210 Computer Integrated Machining Technology
C25130 Computer Programming
C5518001 Criminal Justice Technology - Law Enforcement
C5518002 Criminal Justice Technology - Correctional: Probation and Parole
C5518004 Criminal Justice Technology - Judicial/Court Administration
C35130 Electrical Systems Technology - Installation Concentration
C40200 Electronics Engineering Technology
C25490 Entrepreneurship
C40320 Mechanical Engineering Technology
C40350 Mechatronics Engineering Technology
C4035001 Mechatronics Engineering Technology - General Engineering
C2534001 Networking Technologies - Cisco Certifies Network Associate (CCNA)
C2534004 Networking Technology - Operating Systems
C2537001 Office Administration - Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
C25290 Web Technologies - Basic Web Developer
C2529001 Web Technologies - Webmaster