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Disbursement Schedule

When will I receive my refund?

Financial aid funds will be disbursed to your student account using the schedule listed below, provided all outstanding financial aid requirements have been met. Financial aid funds are first applied to student charges (tuition, fees, books charged, etc.). If a remaining balance exists, a refund (except work-study) will be sent to your CVCCOneCard by the Business Office.

30-Day Delay for First-Time Federal Direct Loan Borrowers

  • First-year, first-time undergraduate borrowers may be required to wait 30 days before receiving their first student loan disbursement.

Federal Direct Loan Disbursement Schedule

Federal Direct Student or Parent PLUS loan(s) will be disbursed in three disbursements for the Fall and Spring Semesters. The first disbursement will consist of 50% of the semester’s loan amount and 25% for the second and third disbursements.  There will be two disbursements for the Summer Semester both consisting of 50% of the semester’s loan amount. For more information, review the Loan Disbursement Schedule.

2017 Fall Semester
Disbursement Dates
September 15
October 20
November 22
December 15

Note: Scheduled refund dates are subject to adjustment if technical problems, system issues, or other unplanned challenges occur, without prior notice.