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Tutor Training Opportunities

Tutor Training Opportunities of Catawba Valley Community College

The Learning Assistance Center Peer Tutoring Program offers tutor training to all tutors.  Tutors have the opportunity to become a Level I and Level II tutor.  Every perspective tutor must attend a two-hour tutor orientation workshop, must be 18 years old or older, and be cleared of a background check before he/she can begin tutoring.

For more information, contact Cindy Ly, Tutor Coordinator at 828-327-7000 ext. 4432, or email

The LAC Peer Tutoring Program is CRLA Certified, Level I and Level II.  A tutor may participate in tutor training and receive certification in this international tutoring organization.  A Level I certified tutor's pay is $8.50 an hour and Level II pay is $9.00 an hour.