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Security Tips

The CVCC Safety and Security Office offers security tips to students, faculty, and staff.

Personal Safety

  • Follow the Buddy System when possible.
  • Trust your instincts - Call out someone's name if you are scared.
  • Do not carry large amounts of money.
  • Avoid wearing baggy clothing when working around machinery.
  • Enroll in safety classes.
  • Turn on your emergency flashers, drive to a well-lit area and wait for the officer's siren, if you have doubts when being stopped by law enforcement.
  • Change directions and go towards bright lights and other people, if you think you re being followed.
  • Walk with confidence, avoid giving the impression that you would be an easy victim.
  • Keep a safe distance from strangers.
  • Plan ahead - know what you would do if attacked.

stop lights ahead warning sign

Vehicle Safety

  • Lock your valubales in your trunk prior to arriving at your destination.
  • Hide or always carry an extra key to your vehicle.
  • Keep a half-tank of gas at all times.
  • Know your vehicle license plate number and register your vehicle on campus.
  • Make sure you lock your doors when you get in your vehicle and when you exit your vehicle.
  • Keep a spare tire and check the air in it.
  • Keep the following items items in your vehicle:
    • first aid kit,
    • blanket,
    • one day supply of snack food,
    • cell phone,
    • jumper cables
    • empty gas can,
    • flashlight,
    • battery-operated radio,
    • fire extinguisher,
    • water, and
    • extra oil

Red and white Yield Sign

Safety on Campus

  • Contact Campus Safety and Security Office to request someone to walk out with you after dark.
  • Notify Security if you see or hear anything suspicious.
  • Inform your parent(s)/spouse of your class schedule.
  • Avoid leaving books, book-bags, or purses unattended.
  • Notify Security if your vehicle will be left overnight on campus.
  • Look underneath and inside your vehicle before getting in.
  • Be familiar with the campus and buildings.
  • Walk between buildings in groups, when possible.
  • Stay alert.

Octagonal Stop Sign

Contact CVCC Safety and Security if you have questions or an emergency on campus dial 711. Off campus dial (828) 327-7000, ext. 711 during operating hours.


Revised 8-19-2014