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Safety and Security

Contact Campus Security immediately in the event of an emergency. (828) 327-7000, ext. 711

Security Guard listening to ear pieceCVCC Campus Security

The CVCC Safety and Security Office provides protection to faculty, staff, students and College property.  CVCC Security Officers are vested with full law enforcement powers and responsibilities accorded to police officers by the State of North Carolina. The officers are trained at state-approved police academies.

CVCC Security Officers are responsible for a full range of public safety services including investigation and reporting of all crimes committed on campus, responding to medical and fire emergencies, and enforcing state and local laws regarding the use of controlled substances, alcohol and weapons.


To contact Campus Security, please call: (828) 327-7000, extension 711.


Handicapped Parking Fraud Alert

Handicapped Parking Fraud is not only a violation of Catawba Valley Community College policy, but is a violation of North Carolina General Statute 20-37.6 (e) and is punishable by a $250.00 fine plus court cost.

Campus Safety and Security will locate the handicapped parking violators and will place a boot on the violating vehicle. The vehicle operator will be issued a North Carolina citation. Violators will have to pay for the removal of the boot at the CVCC Business Office during normal operating hours and take care of the state citation in the Catawba County court system. Repeat offenders could also lose privileges to park on CVCC’s campuses.

» Procedure to Report a Crime, Emergency or Safety Concern