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Student Records - Audit a Class

Students are allowed to audit classes with limitations and special requirements.

Requirements and Limitations

Students may attempt a course as an audit student one time. Students may not audit a class for which they have received credit unless justified by a clear benefit connected to a current program of study at CVCC. Students who wish to audit a course should make the request at the time of registration in the Advising Center or send and email to from the student's secure CVCC-issued email account. The request to change course status from Credit to Audit or Audit to Credit after the course begins must be approved by the faculty member of the course and the Chief Student Services Officer or designee. This request must be made prior to testing and/or project submission in the course.

Students wishing to audit a course must satisfy all requisite requirements for the course just as do students taking a course for credit.

Students who audit a course will not receive a grade (other than AU) or credit for the course. Credit will not be granted under advanced placement procedures after enrolling in a course as an audit student. Tuition and fees for auditing a course are the same as those for enrolling in a course for credit.

Students who audit a class are required to comply with class attendance policies, complete assignments, and participate in class activities. They are not required to take examinations unless specified by the academic department.

Students should be aware that audited credit hours do not qualify for federal financial aid, VA education benefits, and certain other grants and/or scholarships.



Kelly Plumley
Director of Student Records
(828) 327-7000, ext. 4395