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Student Records - Excused Absence Procedures

Excused absences for religious observances require an Excused Absence Form.

Requirements and Limitations

Students shall be permitted two (2) excused absences from all classes for up to two days per academic year for religious observance. Students shall be provided reasonable opportunity to make up any tests or other work missed due to an excused absence for a religious observance. Students must understand that they are responsible for all material covered during my absence. The absences requested in accordance with this policy are “one of ” and not “in addition to” any absences otherwise permitted by the faculty for a class.

Students must submit this written request for the excused absences by the second class meeting and a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of the absence to permit time for me to work with my faculty to develop a sound plan for making up any missed class work.

Student are to complete this form to request an excused absence for religious observance. Once Part 1 is completed, present to each of your faculty for their signature. Leave the form with the last faculty member who signs the form. The faculty member will then forward the form to the Office of the Vice President of Instruction for review. Once the form is reviewed, you will receive an email indicating status.

Please download and fill out the Excused Absence Form (PDF).

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Director of Student Records
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