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Student Records - Grading System

Grading systems and policies have changed over time. Please refer to the grading system policy for current information.

Grading System and Policies

Prior to the 1990-1991 academic year, a numerical grade scheme (7 point scale) was used for curriculum courses. In 2002-2003, numerical grades (and certain other grades) were converted to an equivalent letter grade.

Prior to the summer 1997, the College operated on the quarter system. Effective summer 1997, The North Carolina Community College System converted to a semester system. Hours completed while the College operated on a quarter system are reported on the transcript as equivalent semester hours.

From fall 1997 through summer 2010, the College had an academic forgiveness policy.

In 2002, the College adopted a repeat policy whereby only the best grade for a course is included in the computation of GPA when multiple attempts at a course exist on the transcript.

For additional information on the College's grading policy visit the grading system section of our policies.


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