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CVCCOneCard: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why did I get a “debit card” in the mail?
A:  CVCC partners with Higher One, a financial services company, to bring you this powerful new benefit, the CVCCOneCard. Our partnership allows us to expedite financial aid disbursements and student refunds by using direct deposit to distribute refunds to you. This means your money will be available to you much more quickly than with traditional paper checks. Your new OneCard will also serve as your student ID and library card, all in one.

Q:  Is this a “refund card”?  Do I have to have my refund put on the card?
A:  Absolutely not. The CVCCOneCard is not a “refund card.”  It is an all-in-one student ID, library card. It can only serve as a debit card if you choose to open a OneAccount checking account with Higher One and have your refund direct deposited to that account.

Q:  So I can have my refund sent to my current bank account?  Or even my parent’s bank account?
A:  You got it! The CVCCOneCard provides you with more options than ever before. You can have your refund direct deposited to any U.S. bank account, absolutely free of charge.

Q:  Is the CVCC OneCard a credit card?
A:  No. The CVCCOneCard serves as a debit card ONLY if you choose to open a OneAccount checking account with Higher One. If you choose to establish that banking relationship, your OneCard will act as a “swipe and sign” debit card. 

Q:  Do I have to use my CVCCOneCard? 
A:  Your CVCCOneCard will serve as your student ID and library card. To take advantage of these benefits, you will need your CVCCOneCard. Plus, your card is your ticket to getting your refund faster! 

Q:  How do I activate my card? 
A:  Visit and enter your 16 digit card number in the green box at the top. From there, you can choose your refund method and begin to take advantage of the card benefits.

Q:  Do I really need to activate my card?  I don’t ever expect to get a refund.
Yes, activate your card. Even if you don’t expect a refund, you may in fact need to receive one at some point, like if a class gets canceled. Failure to activate your card will significantly delay you getting your money, up to 21 business days after funds are disbursed.

Q:  I really see no need for my card. Can I just throw it away?
A:  Please do not throw away your card. Without a card, your refund will be delayed and you will not be able to access the CVCC Library. There is a $10 or $20 replacement card fee, depending on if your card was activated or not.

Q:  You said this card will give me options to receive my refund faster. What are my options and how much faster will I get my money?

A:  See the chart below:

  • EasyRefund to OneAccount = Same day via direct deposit
  • Direct deposit to another bank = 2 to 3 business days via direct deposit
  • Printed paper check = 7 to 10 business days (or more) via U.S. Postal Service
  • You make no refund selection or do not activate your card = Paper check will be mailed no earlier than 21 days after refund is disbursed via U.S Postal Service.
The “EasyRefund” option requires you to open a OneAccount at Higher One. As you would when opening any bank account, please read carefully the agreement terms and fees.

Q:  What happens if I don’t select a refund preference?
A:  Your refund will be significantly delayed. Higher One will be unable to disburse any funds you are due until you activate your card and select a refund preference. If you still make no preference, Higher One will mail a paper check to you no sooner than 21 days after your refund is disbursed. Regardless of whether you anticipate receiving a refund or not, it is important to activate your refund preference as soon as you receive your card. Why wait for your money? 

Q:  When do I need to activate the CVCC OneCard?
A:  Activate your card as soon as the green envelope arrives in your mailbox. Activation is easy. Just visit and enter your 16 digit card number. 

Q:  What is the OneAccount? Do I need that?
A:  After you activate your card, you will receive an offer for an optional OneAccount bank account. The OneAccount is a bank account relationship between you and Higher One, and NOT managed or operated by CVCC.  If you choose to open a OneAccount, please read the terms and conditions carefully. You do not need to open a OneAccount to receive refunds.  

Q:  What are the benefits and drawbacks of a OneAccount?

A:  In addition to getting your refund the fastest, you will be able to use your CVCCOneCard as a debit card wherever Debit MasterCard® is accepted. The OneAccount is FDIC insured and offers free checking with no monthly fees associated with normal use. There are no minimum balance requirements and no minimum deposit requirements. Please be aware that fees and penalties may apply with the OneAccount. You can view the Higher One Fee Schedule to learn more.

Q:  What if I didn’t receive the CVCCOneCard?
A:  Your CVCCOneCard is mailed to the address on file in the Student Records Department. If you did not receive your card, please verify your current mailing address in the Student Records Department or by checking your My Services account. If your address is incorrect, please visit the Personal Information Changes page for more details. 

Q:  What if I lost my card or need a replacement?
A:  If you have not activated your card, visit the Business Office to order a replacement. Please verify your current mailing address in the Student Records Department or by checking your My Services before reporting your card lost.  New cards will be shipped to your current address on file. There is a replacement fee of $10 to order a replacement card that has not been activated.

If you have already activated your card, you can log into and re-order your card. It will be shipped to the address listed with Higher One. There is a replacement fee of $20 to order a replacement card that has been activated.

Q:  I am new to CVCC. When will I receive my card?

A:  As soon as you register for classes at CVCC, a OneCard will be ordered and shipped to you at the address on file with the Student Records Department.

Q:  When will I get my financial aid refund?
A:  The schedule for disbursing financial aid funds has not changed. However, depending on the refund method you choose, you can expect your funds to be in your bank account about 7-10 days sooner than before.

Q:  Where should I call to see if my refund is ready?
A:  Let Higher One contact you! Sign up for mobile alerts with Higher One to get a text message whenever refunds are processed or deposited to your account.  Don’t want a text message? No problem, Higher One can also email you when your refund is processed or distributed.

Q:  Is my personal information safe with Higher One?
A:  100% safe. Higher One not only has to comply with banking rules and regulations, but also with higher education privacy rules and regulations.  Due to Patriot Act regulations, Higher One may ask you to verify your identity.

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