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Student Services
Student Services are a distinct and vitally important aspect in the development, administration, operation, and future planning of CVCC. Such services are provided primarily to provide entry, support, and transition services to students. A program of services is offered to assist the student in satisfactorily selecting, entering, progressing within, and completing a program of study. In addition, the individual is provided numerous opportunities for personal development and social growth through a variety of planned activities. The following services are available:

Career Planning
Professional counselors are available to assist students with career planning. Career testing is available to assist students in assessing interests, values and abilities. Excellent career information (educational and occupational) is available from the counselors.

College Transfer
CVCC has a great college transfer program that will cost you less, you get a entire semester of classes compared to a university. Check out CVCC's college transfer program. Call us or come by CVCC's Advising Center to find out more.

Counselors are available to assist students in solving academic, vocational and financial problems. Students are encouraged to contact counselors for assistance.

Faculty Advisor
Each curriculum student enrolled in a degree, diploma or certificate program is assigned a faculty advisor. The student's faculty advisor may be consulted regarding various problems but should, in all cases, be consulted by the student in the following instances:

  1. When completing a semester course plan.
  2. When changing courses within the current program.
  3. When changing programs of study.
  4. When preparing to enter a final semester of studies to determine graduation eligibility.

Health Services/Information
No formal health care program for students is provided; however, the Student Government Association shall include in its annual program planning various health related activities. These may include presentations by college personnel or outside health care agencies on substance abuse, HIV, wellness, nutrition, or other vital health care topics. Any student, faculty or staff health related emergencies are refered to area health care agencies. CVCC has developed a policy designed to protect all employees and students in the workplace from exposure to bloodborne pathogens. A copy of the policy is on file in the office of the Executive Officer of Student Services.

CVCC primarily serves students within commuting distance of the campus. Thus, CVCC has no dormitory or housing facilities.

Job Placement
Assistance in locating employment is available to all CVCC curriculum students and graduates. Qualified students are referred to employers contacting the college, and the college provides facilities for employers desiring on-campus interviews. Job referral services for students seeking full-time and part-time work are provided without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, disability or national origin. Job placement services are available on the CVCC Main Campus. Please call 828-327-7000 ext. 4812 for more information.

Curriculum students seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate are encouraged to participate in student orientation. This program is designed to eliminate many of the problems and questions normally faced by new students when they first enroll. Students are introduced to the college's environment, policies, courses, philosophy, staff and other students.

Program For Students with Disabilities
A program of services is provided for students with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities (as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) wishing to make a request for reasonable accommodation or wishing to file a complaint of alleged discrimination of the basis of disability should contact the Director of the Program for Students with Disabilitiesby phone at 828-327-7000, ext 4222 or by mail at 2550 Highway 70SE, Hickory NC 28602. It is the student's responsibility to request these services. Current documentation of the disability by an appropriate professional will be required. All information is kept confidential. Students will be required to sign a release of information form before any special contact is made to arrange accommodations. Requests for reasonable accommodation should be made several weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for accommodations to be arranged.

Student Financial Assistance Services
Students can receive assistance with budgeting educational expenses and planning financial resources by contacting the Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Veterans Affairs
Special needs and information about policies and procedures for veteran students and dependents using VA benefits are provided by the Veteran Certifying Officials in Student Services, and the local county VA offices. Students desiring to use VA Educational benefits should come to Student Services for CVCC program information and admissions requirements. Students must be accepted in a VA approved program of study and meet all institutional and VA requirements before certification can be made to the Veterans Administration. The specific application for benefits can be made through the county VA offices (upon presentation of a certified copy of the DD Form 214) or with a VA Certifying Official in Student Services. Additional information regarding benefits, eligibility, policies, and procedures and be obtained from these offices. For additional information see the Veterans Benefits web page.

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