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Team Wins Best Payload Award in NASA Competition

Engineering students recently won the Best Payload award in the NASA/NC Space Grant Community College High-Altitude Balloon Competition.


2018 High Altitude Payload Award

The team’s payload platform was built with a 3-D printer in the shape of a classic World War II bomb. It housed a camera and devices that measured altitude, internal temperature, speed and barometric pressure.

Team members included Brandon Littlejohn, Brennan Wickham, Bobby Lo, Jason Rhoney, Nick Hughes, Lewis Whaley, Sidney Richardson, Christian Coleman, Dorney LePeirre and Billy Fredell.

Faculty advisors were Jamie Hill and Jim Thomas, Department Head of Engineering/Engineering Technologies.

Pictured (from left) are Jim Thomas, CVCC’s Department Head of Engineering/Engineering Technologies, students Brennan Wickham, Jason Rhoney and Lewis Whaley.


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