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Please copy and paste the Help Request form to the body of your CVCC email message and attach your saved Word document before sending it to the Writing Center at

Use your personal student CVCC email account to submit a paper.

On the multiple choice, highlight your response on your email.

Attach the draft of the paper to be reviewed as a WORD document (no PDF, Google, or Shared Docs). Students may also attach a copy of the instructions for the assignment.

1) Course Name, Number, and section (e.g., ENG 111-101):

2) Professor/Instructor's first and last name:

3) Indicate the purpose of the paper?

4) Indicate the assistance needed from the e-tutor in this paper?

5) What is the due date of the paper? (e.g., 5/26)

6) What is the assigned length of the paper? (e.g. Two pages, 1,000 words)

7) What is the style of the paper?

NOTE: Writing Center staff will attempt to respond to student requests within 24-36 hours during regularly scheduled days of operation.