CVCC AGD students complete Kombucha label project for Catawba Farms

Catawba Valley Community College Advertising and Graphic Design (AGD) students recently finished a Fall 2021 project that involved the design of a series of labels for Catawba Farms’ new Kombucha products.


Advertising and Graphic Design

CVCC AGD Students collaborated in three design teams as part of the second-year project during the Fall 2021 semester to produce branded label prototypes along with ideas to extend their marketing campaigns. 

"The Catawba Farms Kombucha branding developed by the CVCC Advertising & Graphic Arts winning team received lots of positive comments,” said Twyla Deese, co-owner of Catawba Farms. “The branding is intriguing to everyone as it incorporates the unique qualities of the beverage back to the ancient, organic roots of Kombucha. It was such a success that we sold out of the Strawberry Peach Kombucha released along with the new branding. We are so pleased with the results and humbled by our ongoing relationship with CVCC."

The Kombucha product line and label designs were officially this spring at Catawba Farms as part of the 2022 Catawba Valley Festival of Arts.

The design created by the team of Tristan King, Baylee Reynolds, and Jackson Cossich was selected by the panel to represent the new products. These three students continued to work with Catawba Farms to refine and complete the label design during the Spring 2022 semester. 

“Being able to work with Catawba Farms was such an amazing opportunity,” said CVCC AGD student Tristan King, who served as creative director for his team on the project. “I really enjoyed designing their new bottle labels, and I was so excited when they chose our concept to bring to life. With this, I gained more experience in the design world, and I was able to learn what it was like working for a real-life client.”

This was the fourth project done by Catawba Valley Community College’s Advertising and Graphic Design students for Catawba Farms. CVCC’s AGD students previously did a rebrand project for Catawba Farms as well as a beer label and branding for the Red Hawk Red Blend wine brand.

“Working with Catawba Farms has been such an exciting experience — from meeting so many new people to creating the labels for their new product,” said CVCC AGD student Baylee Reynolds, who was the team art director for the project. “I am thankful to have worked with a real-life client while still being a student to learn how to navigate client work. I have learned so many things from this collaboration, but the most important is a sense of community and being able to venture into our community and give back. This is something I will never forget.”

As part of the project launch, students had the opportunity to visit Catawba Farms in Newton to learn more about the products, how the products are produced and tour the facilities. 

After the designs were prepared, students pitched their concepts to a panel consisting of AGD faculty, CVCC administrators, and Catawba Farms representatives. 

“Working on the new designs for Catawba Farms has been a long and amazing experience,” said CVCC AGD student Jackson Cossich. “I never thought our team would ever have the chance to work with Catawba Farms, so when we learned that we would be working with them, I was shocked, but also very excited for what was to come. Ever since that day, working with Catawba Farms to create a series of new designs for their Kombucha has been a really fun experience. Everyone at Catawba Farms was polite and they gave us clear directions for where our designs should go. Overall, I think that working with Catawba Farms and making the new designs was a long, but rewarding experience that I had the greatest pleasure of doing.”

For more information on the Advertising and Graphic Design department at Catawba Valley Community College, please visit the CVCC Advertising and Graphic Design website.

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