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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department at Catawba Valley Community College offers a strong foundational instruction in Art with emphases on visual literacy, technical and observational skills, critical thinking, and artistic expression.

Artist paintingThe Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) degree program prepares students to move towards professional practice or the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. The AFA curriculum helps students strengthen and expand their creativity as well as their technical knowledge of the history and practice of creating art and design. The coursework and studio experiences build students’ skills in concept development, visual observation, personal expression, critical thinking, and problem solving – skills essential for prospering in the professional practice of art and design. The program is grounded in the traditions of hands-on practice in drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics, and printmaking while also connecting fully to the rich opportunities in digital and other emerging technologies.

The program brings together the strengths that CVCC has to offer, small class sizes, artist led instruction, and hands-on training. The Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts gives artists a broad base to practice their skills and hone their talents Students learn problem-solving skills applicable not only to art studies, but also to everyday life. We foster lifelong learning, appreciation of diverse points of view, and recognition of art as a fundamental form of human expression.

Please see the catalog for more information about the Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts curriculum.

Jeff Kiefer

Fine and Applied Arts
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