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CVCC Alexander Furniture Academy

Interested in learning a new skill like sewing and upholstery? The Alexander Center for Education is now offering sewing and upholstery through our new Alexander Furniture Academy.

2016 Fall Semester

July 11 - December 23

Available Spaces Per Semester

15 Upholstery Craftsman
15 Sewing Operators



$250.00 per semester plus required tools
Scholarships Availability

Welding /Upholstery/Sewing Degree & in Alexander County

If you are interested in a CVCC Welding/Upholstery/Sewing degree in Alexander County, please let us know. You can email or call 828-632-8221 (EXT: 310) to be added to the Alexander County degree request list.


Need help on how to find a Job?

Are you having trouble finding a job because you cannot fill out the online applications? Do you need help preparing a resume or searching for work on the internet? If so, come to our Employability Lab on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm. This is a no cost class for most students that offers you the flexibility of allowing you to attend any time during those hours. This class also allows students to practice and prepare for the Career Readiness Certification that many employers require prior to employment.

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